About Us



We are a diverse joint venture of four leading construction companies in Tanzania registered CLASS 1 Civil, Building, Mechanical and Electrical contractor; united to undertake substantial national and multinational infrastructure projects. The partner companies of JV SPEK have developed a significant and diversified presence across the construction and infrastructure domains in Tanzania.



JV SPEK is a consortium born out of four long term partner companies currently dominating the construction industry in Tanzania, namely Skyline Properties Limited, Pioneer Builders Limited, Emirate Builders Limited and Kings Builders Limited.


To be a leading infrastructure conglomerate and solution provider in all Engineering projects within the region, being globally competitive and creating benchmarks of excellence in both quality and customer service delivery.


To become the centre of excellence for engineering and construction services, by providing innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions, and continuously striving to develop superior infrastructure by meeting the highest standards of engineering excellence, efficiency, and quality.


  • Transparency, Mutual Respect & Trust
  • Creativity and continued Learning
  • A Vibrant Work Culture.
  • Social Responsibility.



Working together as a large, perfectly coordinated team, we actualize complex construction projects on schedule and at the best price.


  • Significant experience and a strong track record in timely and successful execution of various construction projects.
  • Adequate Equipment including, trucks, Earth moving equipment, Tools
  • Qualified, experienced and highly skilled employees led by a proven management team.
  • Expertise in sourcing and maintaining supply chain for raw material.



  • Maintaining performance and competitiveness of existing business 
  • Focusing on EPC projects in the infrastructure sector. 
  • Focusing on projects involving higher degree of engineering skills. 
  • Retaining qualified and well trained employees that are led by a competent management team. 
  • Leveraging our business growth by identifying and forming strategic joint venture relationships for mutual benefit through sharing of resources and business skills.



  • Maintenance of a high level of safety awareness 
  • Defined responsibilities for all employees; 
  • Prevention of injury at work places and all kinds of ill health; 
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements relating to HSE
  • Assessment of risks from the hazards encountered and the introduction of control measures
  • Setting objectives and measuring performance to ensure continual improvement in performance; 
  • Reporting and investigation of all incidents and near misses using the lessons learned to improve systems and prevent recurrence; 



JV SPEK has the following organizational structure, with additional laborers and construction operations from each partner company, which consist of highly skilled staff such as project coordinators, site engineers, technicians, architects, quantity surveyors etc.



JV SPEK has a range of construction equipment owned within the group that makes them competent partners for various civil and infrastructure works. This is a list of selected prime equipment that are owned by Partners and JV SPEK itself. Most of the equipment is new and in good working condition.

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